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BInatone 500


BInatone 500

Can anybody help? I have a Binatone modem which works fine on my current pc. I have bought a new pc with a PC Chips M848A motherboard (SiS Chipset and not Via) and am still running XP home.

The modem just refuses to come out of training mode. I have tried a powered hub but that don't work. I have checked that the mobo has USB 2 drivers on. I have spoken to support (that don't work either really).

I'm pulling my hair out.

Has anybody come across this problem before and if so how was it resolved?

Would I be better buying a pci modem or a router?

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BInatone 500

No idea why it does not work on your new mobo but SiS chipsets are also known to have USB power problems but this may not be your problem here.

Have you installed all the mobo chipset drivers, including any that relate to the USB ports? if not try that and make sure you use the latest versions so check the mobo manufacturers website for updates.

Failing that I would suggest you purchase an external ADSL modem/router. The Origo ASR8000 (available from ebuyer) is only £25. Or go for the more expensive and better quality Netgear DG834 with built in SPI firewall or even the solwise SAR130.

BInatone 500

sorry 2 here that it don,t work with your pc-chips m848 is it the 1 that is revision
2.1 if it is it should work no probs as i have the same board
go too and update drivers might work for you :roll:
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BInatone 500

i had a problem running that modem on a pc chips board where it would connect ok but was prone to constant system freezes
this was some time ago but i do remember i couldnt find a cure for it,

i think its down to that chipset not feeding enough power to the usb ports and updating drivers isnt going to fix it,

the only thing i did was replace my mainboard for an asus and the modem ran without any problems at all untill i got a router,

if you dont want to go to the hassle of changing your mainboard go for a router and rid yourself of a number of problems caused by that modem