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BBC multicast streams


BBC multicast streams


I've read that Plusnet have been partnering with the BBC to provide multicasts:

However, my RealPlayer just comes up with a general error saying that the stream only supports multicast... duh. Any ideas?

BBC multicast streams

Plus Net are involved in a trial of multicast. I think, from previous comments, that the BBC site is a bit inaccurate.

I am not sure of the current state of play with the trials, I know they were testing various routers to see which worked and what sort of results they had,but I'm sure we'll see an update soon.
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BBC multicast streams

Bob is in charge of the multicast trials -- and if you ask he can have your account enabled for multicast.

See this thread

All USB modems support it, but not all routers, so it depends on what you have as to whether you can get it to work.