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At last I am connected after 2 weeks of error 650!


At last I am connected after 2 weeks of error 650!

Thanx 2 the posts from Michael James and Ian Maul... the YSL filters were buggered... got some new ones from Maplin and it works... clear phone line as well... there is a god!


RE: At last I am connected after 2 weeks of error 650!

I have problems with splitters too. If you got the splitters through plusnet they are responsible make sure they move the connection date so you dont pay for the fortnight you couldnt access.
Here is my latest ticket to Plusnet and there last chance:

If we dont have the new splitters by Friday I will be closing this account and claiming all of the money back through my credit card company. You will not have a choice in this, all monies will be refunded to me and you will be left with a connection to pay for.
To this date we have paid for a modem and two splitters that will be returned to you in the original packaging and a line connection that we have not been able to access.
I will be calling support after placing this note to try once again to move things forward.
I will also be asking my credit card company to investigate the use of merchant services within plusnet as at this point you seem to be contravining the consumer credit act by taking money for a service that the customer cannot access. I will push for a supension of the plusnet merchant services and check the plusnet message boards and advise others to do the same.
If you get enough complaints your ability to take credit cards will be suspended while it is investigated. Suggest you pass this ticket onto accounts they will know that I can do this.

lets see how long this stays up before plusnets open policy remove it.

Dont forget wether you pay by card or through a bank on direct debit you can reclaim money if there is good reason. Your bank or card company will take the money out of the plusnet account and hold it in suspension untill they decide if there is adaquate case for the customer to have the money back or not.
In the meantime it still isnt in the Plusnet account.