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Are we all connected to the internet correctly?


Are we all connected to the internet correctly?

Okay everyone, i don't seem to understand why myself and others are not getting at least a 6mb connection when we're upgraded to an up to 8mb.

It should really be quite simple. If plus net advertise 8mb then their customers should expect the service or at least an acceptable service.

Now all this slow speed stuff could be resolved if we are all actually connected to the internet correctly. I think we probably all are, but to make sure and to cut the confusing, can someone please go through the protocol connection, so this means router ip connection etc.

also, i'm sure other isps use BT gateway, so are other people on different isps complaining too?

i mean people on my street seem to be able get higher download speeds than me and theyre on 8mb. Surely then, the distance factor shouldn't be an issue?

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Are we all connected to the internet correctly?


Speed complaints are common across all ISPs.

You need to understand that we are reselling a BT "Upto 8Mbps" service. The speeds that you will receive are related to how far away you are from the exchange and how busy the exchange is. The further away from the exchange that you are will mean that your potential speed reduce accordingly. Also, the busier the exchange, the slower your speeds will be agt peak time.

Yes, we are connecting people to the internet properly.