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Are these any good?


Are these any good?

I was "Regraded" on the 19th April & have had a steady synch of 8128 d/s 448 u/s with no disconnections etc...

My question is - with the readings I getting below should I be able to get more than 3.5Mb? My speed profile has been sat @ 4000 since the 19th & I have only once crept over the 3.5Mb download mark.

Data Rayte 8128 D/S 448 U/S

Noise margin 11.9 D/S 23.0 U/S

Output power 19.8 D/S 12.1 U/S

Attenuation 26.0 D/S 13.0 U/S

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Are these any good?

they seem fine for a maxdsl.. if they where pre maxdsl it wouldnt be that great. but they look about same as me. SNR 11 is good i heard people with 3 not getting disconnection
rule of thumb is 6 is ok but 10+ is very much stable. and att isnt to low either