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Are above using telephones?


Are above using telephones?

Right, brief history of events.

1) moving house, wanted to cancel line. Raise as a ticket as advise on your website and put in the comments "Do not reply by email, please call me as I have no internet access". gave my telephone number in the ticket.

2) notice are STILL taking out payments 2 months later so cancel my direct debit.

3) next month take money out of my girlfriends account.

4) still waiting a week after raising ANOTHER ticket for an answer.

so, several points of complaint.

1) why is it so difficult for you to pick up the phone and call me?

2) why is it so beyond your scope to train your staff to use the archiac device known as a telephone

3) why can't you have a customer service phone number? instead of a recorded message that tells you to go to the website regardless of what buttons you press.

4) why the hell are you making un-authorised transactions? when i cancelled my direct debit why did you not contact me to find out the reason for my cancellation.

5) Why write to me to inform me that BT have cancelled teh line. I know BT have cancelled the line. I asked them to, as stated in my first ticket. Can you not take a hint?

Cancel my broadband. now. this second. and ring me to tell me how much it costs.

I have asked my bank to investigate the last 3 transactions, as I feel they are un-authorised, so expect a letter from Barclays Legal Department.

Are above using telephones?

Its called incompetence, PN know a lot about this, its in the T&Cs (well it should be)

Hi, we are Plusnet, give us your money and we might give you a link to the internet, but mostly not, we also won’t answer the phone to you or answer your tickets.

[Moderator's note by Daniel (no7olivier): Deleted Duplicate Posting.]

Are above using telephones?

[Moderator's note by Daniel (no7olivier): Deleted Duplicate Posting.]

So you have time to moderate, but not answer a customers complaint?

Are above using telephones?

As moderators, we don't have any obligation to answer posts. We are just customers, who have agreed to help keep the forums running in line with the link:rules

We are not employed by PN, and don't have any insight into what is going on with regards specific problems.
We are not paid in any way (not even free BB!) for helping out here.

Its precisely for this reason that customers look after the forums, rather than PN Staff. If its customers looking after the forums, staff can devote their time to doing their job. As customers we also maintain impartiality on the forums, rather than having PN staff who may try to steer things around to a more pro-PN point of view.

Hope this clears things up a little?