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Are BT having a laugh?


Are BT having a laugh?

I'm in the process of moving from BT to PlusNet due to poor customer service from them.

During their user 1Mb->2Mb upgrade they sent a batch of emails out stating "length of line" as the only reason for not upgrading. Well, length may be a factor, but not a sole factor - joints, cable quality etc etc. (Excellent tutorials on this forum, maybe BT should read them :? )

Anyway, my line won't support 2Mb. I'm just under (note under) the 2Mb limit of 45dB according to BT.

But then I go and swap my router from a Netgear DG824M to the newer DG834G and get my figures:

Line attentuation: 35dB (down), 9dB (up)
Noise margin: 15dB (down), 25 dB (up)

Now when BT decide whether you are "the chosen one" or not, is the overall loss according to BT's non-techie call centres the two added the together? It seems more than coincidence that they said my line loss ran at 43dB when 35+9=43.

Or are they having a laugh? These don't seem too bad considering some of the figures I've seen on here.

Line conditions & routers Ivan

Hi alderstone,

It's a now recognised and respected fact technically that NOT ALL routers are the same and that some routers report poor line conditions such as line attenuation, poor SNR, etc,etc. Whilst a simple change of router will report much better line stats. One might well fail for 2MB and another router might just pass for 2MB's. I cannot tell you the specifics of makes or models but as a forum moderator and an experienced user myself I have definately seen this reported across more than one forum in the last few months.

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Are BT having a laugh?


Welcome to the forums.

The issue you have highlighted with the DG824 is known to Netgear and is a fault with the 824 series routers. It is the router which is causing the errored readings and has been known to add 12 db to the readings. The 834 series does not cause this problem and the line data produced by that router is generally fairly accurate.

Once your migration to Plus Net takes place, I understand that PN will be carrying out a mop up of customers who have recently migrated in, to ensure that they receive the free upgrade.

Providing the BT database doesnt exclude you and providing the DG834 is in use you may see your upgrade succeed.

Are BT having a laugh?

Thanks both for the replies, and welcome!

I'm certainly on the 834 now, my father-in-law inherited my 824 (he's happy with his 1Mb service, so happy chappies all round).

I last got BT to check with the 824 attached, so I'm got a nice warm feeling now. Thanks, pcsni.