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Apportioning usage costs

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Apportioning usage costs

Perhaps a silly question, but someone may have solved it...

Family of 5 using BT Voyager 2100 wireless cards and ADSL router to connect their various PCs as a home wireless network, sharing our plusNet BB connection. Works very well, but teenage daughter uses more bandwidth than the rest of us put together.

The IP addresses within the network are assigned dynamically, so are not really useful to identify a particular PC; the MAC addresses of the wireless cards could be better(?).

Anyone know of a way to get cumulative usage totals for each (MAC) address on the home wireless network, so I can get appropriate fair contributions from my offspring - who seem to have more spare cash than I do :!: .

Answers on a postcard, please......


Dave Allen (no, not that one!)

Apportioning usage costs

u cant really do what u want without the proper network equipment. as in the kit that costs in the high 3~4 figre barrier.

U can use programs to monitor eachs machines usage. but if ur children are clever they could easily disable these

Netlimiter has password protection and would allow u to slow traffic to there programs etc at certain times

Its a pay for product though

Apportioning usage costs

Your best bet would be to disable DHCP and manually assign each machine an IP address from the range. That way you can monitor the usage based on the IP address (I don't know any windows software that will do this, but I am sure somebody will).