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Anyone help??????


Anyone help??????


I'm using azureus bittorrent client on the plusnet premier 2 megabyte? I'm getting really £$%& download speeds, 40 kbs mostly. So I've posted a message with customer service and several posts on this forum but it hasn't helped

So can anybody who uses azeurus and is on the same package as me, please post the setting they use and the average speeds they get because its driving me £&*"££ nuts especially as my friend says he get over 200kbs with Pipex on the same speed line :shock:

Please help save my sanity

Anyone help??????

It all depends on who you are downloading from. Just because you are on a 2mb line it doesn't mean to say at the other end there is anything more powerful than a 56k modem. Your download rate is affected by someone elses upload rate.

It might not be your fault.

Anyone help??????

40 kbs is GOOD these days on premier, I tend to get 5-15kbs MAX
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Anyone help??????


Try the bottom torrent in this list.

I've just run it (8 am) for five minutes and it went up to 190k, though with some fluctuation caused, I assume, by the throttling.

I use Azureus,all the settings left at default, apart from download at unlimited and upload set to 22k. I don't know why, but 22k up seems to be the best figure for me.

Don't forget not to use the default port though as some torrent sites do block a range of ports around the default ones. And check the NAT/Firewall test under Tools to make sure your ports are forwarded correctly.