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Anyone help me? Line Stats


Anyone help me? Line Stats


I finally found out how to get my line stats. But Im not too sure what they mean.

Can someone please comment on:

ReceiveAttenuation_dB= 17
ReceiveMargin_dB= 7
SendAttenuation_dB= 8
SendMargin_dB= 22

Using Speedtouch 330 UBS Modem.
Would swapping for a router help?

Many thanks in advance.

Anyone help me? Line Stats

What is your current sync speed?

This is a calculator that will give you an estimate of what speed you should expect from a given line, based upon the stats. (Sync speed is needed as the other stats change at different speeds)

Anyone help me? Line Stats


Sync rate is 8.1Mbps

Attenuation = 17
Signal to Noise Ratio = 7

"A crude estimate of what your line is capable of is 8192kbps (kilo bits per second)."

Does anyone know exactly what these things are, why there are 2 sets, and have any comments on my stats?

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Anyone help me? Line Stats

If you look at you'll see that for your attenuation you should easily max out a MaxDSL connection but you will also notice that if you had ADSL2+ the average synch rate would be 19 Mbps and the max about 20.5 Mbps.

The interesting point is that in practice you would not be able to achieve much more than 8 Mbps because your SNR is so low at 7 dB-- normally I would expect this to be more like 20 dB for a line like yours at a synch rate of 8 Mbps.

This indicates to me that your phone wiring is probably in a bit of a mess

Anyone help me? Line Stats

Thanks very much. Could well be an issue - time to try the master socket Cheesy

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