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Anyone else want to join the one month without BB club.


Anyone else want to join the one month without BB club.

I will be eligible from Wednesday next week. I'm thinking about a specifc support website, all low res pictures as we'll all be on dial up.

An exchange of best questions and answers ( if we can find any ) from the tickets system, and a party every time someone gets a line back.

On a slightly more useful note, how about a summary of user name and time off line to give an idea just what is happening out there:

ianandsuzanne off since 28 June ( upgrade day )

Sign us up!

I sign up for the 'mile long wait' club on behalf on my parents - they will have been without BB for 4 weeks tomorrow.

However, I will say that it is BT, not, who are really annoying me.

If you are after a "Most stupid question" award entry, how about the one where, having not replied for 3 days, BT get back to us to ask us try logging into the test logins that we tried on day 1 when we went through the help wizard - or even better, how about the suggestion (a week after our reply to this question) that we plug the modem into the master phone socket - another of the help wizard checks done on day one! The fact that this check was also completely irrelevant because it is a check carried out when the DSL connection is failing rather than our problem of an active DSL but no login was just the icing on the cake!

And an entry to the "Most useless comment" award would also have to be from BT who helpfully informed us that they had successfully logged in via our exchange. Well, I mean, good for them. But they didn't do it from our phone line, did they. For all we know, they did it using a laptop sitting in a van 5 feet from the exchange rather than over miles of old copper cable...

But I'll stop ranting now!

I would be interested to know the symptoms of your non-connection. Do you not even get a DSL connection? Or does your modem report that DSL is fine but simply won't log in? Does your modem report a connection speed? Attenuation and signal to noise ratios?

As we do get a DSL connection (8mbps / 448kbps) but no login (to normal, plus net test or bt test logins), and as we are so far from our exchange, my theory for our problems is that the noise on the line is so loud the modem can't 'hear' what the exchange is saying. Therefore, it is not attempting to log in.


Anyone else want to join the one month without BB club.

Hi Robert, most of those questions are either way over my head, as I have no idea where to find that sort of info, or my binatone adsl 500 modem doesn't report it.

I was getting a training message, but then a no signal note, so not really getting anywhere at all.

HOWEVER, i have since managed to change some settings on the modem, and now have a BB line again ( bunting and BBQ booked for the party tomorrow ) but with speeds at 288 kbps and 192 kbps, which a plus net speedtest says is about half what a 500 basic BB connection should give, over the 2 ( and up to 8 ) meg the line should be giving. ( i have posted a new topic re the action taken in case it helps anyone else )

Still its a lot better, and cheaper, than dial up, so i am happy at present