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Any solution to BTs stale session problem yet?


Any solution to BTs stale session problem yet?

Having had ADSL for a long time now (in over 3 different lines in 2 locations), almost 2 years been with Plusnet, I'm curious if such a solution exists yet.

I will always lose a PPP session within 60days of it connecting, I'd say about 30%+ of those times I lose that PPP session I have had to turn my ADSL modem/router off and wait 15mins+ for the session to time out with BT.
In the past former ISPs and Plusnet have been able to remotely terminate the session and allow me to reconnect minutes later after going through the resource hoggying/time wasting effort of calling them for something that BTs fault be it by design or implimentation.

I just wonder if either any users on here or Plusnet staff have heard from BT a fix for this and if there is an ETA for it?

I have seen some FTP sites that allow you put "!" in front of your username(s) to kill/terminate any previous idle connections to the FTP, something like this or something that works like this would be ideal.

PS: Be gentle with me please this is my first post on these forums Shockedops:

Any solution to BTs stale session problem yet?

Unplug it then plug it straight back in, this sometimes works but ive not heard of anything else Sad

Any solution to BTs stale session problem yet?

Thought i'd drag this up again, BTs ADSL ATM network/system hits 4 year anniversary this month, you'd think a solution for this would exist outside Plusnet providing a manual control via portal options to BT Wholesales eCo system./

Any ideas people:?:

Any solution to BTs stale session problem yet?

The truth is that control does not lie within PlusNet for this. Nor is there any such option at BT to change this.

BT have announced some work however, to inprove the network against such stale sessions.

In Q2/Q3 2001, BT had major problems with MTU settings on customer systems. This resulted in major packet loss and slowdowns, due to high loads on routers and home gateways accross the network.

A partial solution, was to increase the PPP keep-alive values. Because of high load, customers connections where dropping easily and increasing this value helped reduce some load.

Now the MTU crisis is over, these keep-alive values are now the cause of network issues, whereby you see stale sessions.

Work to remidy this issue has been in progress since Jan this year, and has an ETA for competion of the 10th September 04. The work is is quoted with the following description.


Approximately 2 years ago the PPP
keepalive timers were increased across all
cluster and non-cluster Home Gateways to
try to reduce the CPU load on them.
Recently this has caused End Users
problems whereby if their PPP session is
not disconnected graceful