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Any faceplate better than another?


Any faceplate better than another?


I have found out (via a BTengineer visit) that I am borderline for a 2meg connection (currently 45dB at the master socket on 1meg but he said they would enable me at that - he even updated my record to reflect this) but I am currently using a very, very long extension and cannot site the PC any nearer.

So I am going to set up a wireless network (probably a Netgear DG834G so any advice on this welcome as well) and am going to fit a NTE5 filtered faceplate to maximise my chances of getting this - so are they all the same (ie from Clarity, ADSLnation, Solwise, BroadbandZone etc.) or is there one that stands out in the crowd - oh, and it must be compatible with Caller Display as well.

Cheers all