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Any AUP for frequency of Mailbox access?


Any AUP for frequency of Mailbox access?

Now I'm on Broadband I'm checking my mail more frequently. Some ISPs aren't keen on their users checking their mailboxes too often. At the moment I autocheck for new mail every 15 minutes, but was thinking of changing that to 5 or 10 minutes. Do PN have any views on frequence of mailbox checking?


Any AUP for frequency of Mailbox access?

My advice would be never more often that 10 mins.

I have mine set to 5, however, I only have my mail client open for 1 hour of the day when it is time to sellect the important stuff.

These checks hamper the abilities of the mail server.

In general however, ISP will either have a specific limit set, or advise of a case by case basis when they feel there service is hampered.

You may also consider setting up a local mailserver and collecting via SMTP if you wish to have a quicker mail delivery rate.

You could obtain the free version of Mailtraq ( for this.