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Any 7/8 meg users had Interleaving turned on?

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Registered: 08-08-2007

Any 7/8 meg users had Interleaving turned on?

I have just raised a ticket with PN regarding Interleaving being turned on on my line. I was upgraded to 8meg in May and have been enjoying excellent speeds and ping times and TBH a fantastic product.
I noticed i was lagging a bit and checked my router stats yesterday whch showed me as having Interleaving switched on. I decided to reboot the router and tried disconnecting the adsl line into the router hoping it would sort itself. I also tried the master skt etc etc. All it did was drop my sync from 8128 to 7232. losing 1meg doesnt bother me too much but the Interleaving does. Pings to games servers has gone up from 30-50ms to 200+ Sad I thought Interleaving was only switched on on lines that were very poor and had lots of errors. Am i wrong? For ref my ticket no. is 19912733. router stats below.

DSL Status
Connection Status Connected
Upstream Rate (Kbps) 832
Downstream Rate (Kbps) 7232
US Margin 13
DS Margin 10
Modulation GDMT
LOS Errors 0
DS Line Attenuation 37
US Line Attenuation 36
Path Mode Interleaved

DSL Statistics
Near End F4 Loop Back Count 0
Near End F5 Loop Back Count 0
My DS margin was a constant 6 @ 8128 without Interleaving and I had never had eny errors or disconnections.

Any help appreciated!
Just notiuced another couple of threads on this situation. Apologies for making another thread.