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Answer this one then


Answer this one then

I have been Maxed a month ago but now I cant connect all day. I connect at 6-7meg with a snr margin of 6 for about 1 min it then drops the line and it does this 87 times per hour and never connects.
Done all the get new filter tried new router plugged into the master socket etc.

I can get it to connect if I put an old crap phone un filtered into the socket which then makes me connect at 2 meg snr 6.3. I can then put my normal phone back in with the new filter and the snr goes up to 19. As long as the line doesnt drop its ok.

I did connect for a few weeks at 4448 with no problem. Even if I connect at 4448 Speed test shows 1.6 meg.

I have tried from 10 am till 5 to get a connection with no joy.

Now explain this after 10pm I can connect first time at 5 meg no problem. I have turned it off and sure enough it connects first time every time. Next day its back to not being able to connect.

I can only think that we wernt told about MAx so the router wasnt on during the day so has BT got no figures and trying to max me again?

The daft thing is it doesnt work out look hes not connecting at 6 meg lets drop the line until he does connect.
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Answer this one then


I have read your post several times, but I just cant get my head around it! :?
Sorry I couldnt be any help to you.