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Another one bites the dust


Another one bites the dust

After many years of being a loyal customer of PlusNet, I'm off. The slow speeds, bad, bad support and constant drop-outs of service are not acceptable.

So Zen has one more customer. Hopefully, as they get more and more popular they won't end up going the same way as PlusNet. Ho hum. Yes, it's costing me more and it's capped but both ADSLguide and ispreview show them to be far quicker and have something called... gasp... customer service.

BTW, for those of you wondering about not having your tickets answered quickly... when I requested a MAC code I had a personal reply within a matter of hours. Seems they treat MAC requests as more of a priority than answering customers queries.

I was also disappointed that PlusNet weren't interested in trying to retain me as a customer - just asked me to fill in a questionnaire.

See you 'round the galaxy,