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Another line upgrade query!


Another line upgrade query!

I applied for a speed upgrade yesterday to as fast as my line will support. I know I am some way from the exchange, however I was hoping to be upped to 1Mb. I was quite confident as my line stats (below) show my line should be capable.

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 576 kbps 288 kbps
Line Attenuation 56 db 15.5 db
Noise Margin 24 db 27 db

I received a couple of emails basically saying the order was complete, payment taken and I'll be upgraded within half a day! Crikey, that was quick I thought - however when I checked my ticket status about an hour later there was a note saying my line wasnt capable and to issue a refund Sad

I've put a note on it with my line stat details and left it open, what chance do I have of getting a re-think?

Cheers Smiley
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Another line upgrade query!

You should get 1Mb with those figures as they are within the 60dB figure and your SNR is also good.

PN should now try to put a manual order through - maybe you should ask for that on the ticket anyway.

Another line upgrade query!

Thanks, I'll add a bit to the ticket I think. Fingers crossed.

Its amazing really, 12 months ago I was praying just to be able to get 512K and now I'll be disappointed if I dont get 1Mb :!: