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Another confused Easystart muppet...???


Another confused Easystart muppet...???

Hi everyone,

I seem to be yet another person still on Broadband Easystart 512K and feeling like a muppet :? as I am still paying £24.99 per month for something that I have had well over the 12 month initial period (I joined 15/10/2003 Shockedops: )...question is, what should I now do?

I need the fixed IP option, I want to keep my unlimited download usage (which is currently only 15Gb per month - max ever was about 30Gb) but upgrade my speed to something more in keeping with today’s Broadband.

Just another thought...what will happen to the referral discounts that I have accrued?

I currently save around £3.25 per month off my £24.99 fee from referrals I have made to PN and would like to know if these will be carried over to my account if I regrade?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Another confused Easystart muppet...???

Until PlusNet release details of the new broadband products on 28th April there is little to do but wait at the moment. As PAYG is out as is Broadband plus which only comes with a dynamic IP your only option is a broadband home permier product of some sort.

You should, post 28th, be able to change to a product costing £21.99 - equivement to the current broadband home premier 512K. You will also be able to upgrade to a faster speed at a cost (£14.99 at the moment) or wait for the free speed upgrades occuring in the next few months.

Your referrals are safe as long as you stick with any ADSL product and any discounts will be applied to any new product you select to change to, just like they do now.

Another confused Easystart muppet...???

Thanks for the quick reply Peter...I guess as I have waited this long...the 28th is just around the corner...i'll wait and see what is announced.

Good to hear the referral discounts are safe though.

I can't really complain at the service I get though...PN's service has been excellent to date...I just felt like I was paying too much for too long!?

Thanks again.


Another confused Easystart muppet...???

So..the magic date of the 28th has come and gone...and i'm still confused?

Here's what I would like to do...

My Current Product is: Broadband EasyStart 512K at a costs of £24.99 per month and I would like to change to a similar service, but at 2Mb, so I assume:
New Product: Broadband Premier 2Mb at £21.99 per month

However, during my upgrade process it states that:

To change to this product there will be a one-off payment of £29.99

Why does a downgrade cost £29.99 when everything I can find on this forum states that a downgrade for residential customers costs £14.99?

On the PlusNet Site (
it states: DOWNGRADES: If you change to a product with a lower monthly subscription, this is classed as a downgrade. Residential downgrades incur a one off fee of £14.99.

Yet I don't seem to get this when changing to a lower monthly subscription...I am informed my change costs £29.99? :?

Any advice and help would be appreciated as I am begining to get very disillusioned by PlusNets confusing service names and strange pricing policies that seem to apply for everyone else, except existing customers? Evil

Come on PlusNet…get your fingers out and do the right thing and give existing customers a better deal without them having to ask for it first!

Remember, it only take one disgruntled customer to tell ten other potential customers how bad you treated them and you loose business.

I have always recommended the PlusNet service up until now and often make referrals, some of which are purely verbal and I don’t get paid for, but would find it so much easier if I felt that I was actually being looked after. At present, I feel as if I am being taken advantage of and I am considered just another reliable regular monthly payment that you don’t want to contact as you will loose money.

I think it would be better to allow customers to reduce their monthly payments instead of loosing them all together!?

Any responses are appreciated.