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Another Speed problem


Another Speed problem


I am connected to Broadband PAYG. I have always seemed to have a slow connection even when my line is synching at around 1.5Mb/s i can usually only achieve around 160Kbps on speedtesters and downloads seem to stall at around 20kB/s. This seems to be all the time and not just during peak times the problem also occurs out of peak hours. Does anyone have any ideas on this matter.


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Plusnet Staff
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Another Speed problem


Looking at your line speed history it looks like the line is pretty unstable and the speed is fluctuating a lot. It also keeps sync'ing around 160kbps, the most recent being 14/04/2007 08:22:33 and the one before that 05/04/2007 20:10:22 (give or take about an hour).

The way that Max works is that BT set a throughput speed rate limit on your line based on the sync rate. If you run the BT Speedtest:

It will show you what the throughput rate or IP Profile is currently set to. From the result I can see it will be somewhere around 160kbps.

The way the IP profile works os that if your sync speed decreases the IP profile decreases straight away, but if the sync speed increases the IP profile only increases after 3-5 days.

Do the times above help at all? Any reason that the line would have resync'd at a lower speed at these times?

I'd suggest taking a look at this:

to see if anything there helps, any incorrect or faulty wiring and filters could easily cause this. If not then we should be able to raise this as a fault (use the broadband fault checker under connection settings on the left).