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Another 8mb query


Another 8mb query

I asked for an "up to 8mb upgrade" and was told in October that I would "shortly be upgraded". I've never heard anything further but recently my speeds have been all over the place, although they seem to have setted down.

Now I could still be in the settling down period, but I have checked my settings and this is what I have found.

Connection settings - 2000 Kbps
Speedtest conducted today - 1.83 Mbps
AccessRunner DSL Status - 7.6 Mbps

I am still using the modem I got from Plusnet when I started in September 2002. I don't think this modem is capable of handling the new ADSL2+ speeds, but I would be interested in confirmation.

Can someone at Plusnet check my settings, and see what I should be on, please?

And before you ask, I turn off my computer every night Smiley
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Another 8mb query

Hi Dralafi

This is a community support forum, where you are asking fellow users for help.

For a direct question to confirm with PlusNet if the have Max'ed your line, you should use the support ticket system @

If you post up your line stats, then we may be able to tell you have been Max'ed