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Analog modem and ADSL

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Analog modem and ADSL

Anybody come across this problem.

I have just had adsl activated and have an adsl modem router connecting my PC's. The adsl connection seems to be fine and I can talk on the phone while surfing. The problem I am having is that an analog modem router that I have regardless of whether it is connected to the network or not cannot establish a connection while the adsl router is on.

It dials, completes the handshaking as far as modem speaker sound is concerned and then disconnects after about 15 seconds.

While the handshaking is in progress it resets the adsl modem router and occasionally it screeches as if there is interference on the line. On the suggestion from Plusnet tech support I have tried two microfilters albeit of the same type and still no go.

Thanks for any help.