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An open thought on disconnection


An open thought on disconnection

I greatly reduced (not completely) my disconnection problems simply by plugging my monitor into a different mains socket than the rest of my gear. Even if it is only the second one of a double wall socket there is a vast improvement.
I stumbled on this after I was put onto power supply issues when I asked a question here about why my ADSL failed when I tried to use a second PC using a KVM switch. My set up was far from the ideal; I had masses of PC stuff plugged in one mains outlet and masses of telecom stuff plugged in one BT socket which is itself on an upstairs extension (and only one filter!)
The resulting mass unplugging session found by trial and error that putting the monitor into a seperate mains outlet cured the KVM disconnection and as an extra, improved the disconnection rate when using just one PC.
Just thought I would post this while I was here asking a seperate question, in case it might help anyone. I'll shuttup now. Smiley
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An open thought on disconnection


That's another reason to add to my last of stranges causes of random disconnections. Outside of the common reasons like faulty filters, incorrect use of filters and unfiltered telephony devices, line fault, extension cables, and idle timeout settings, there's Christmas Tree lights, microwave ovens, wet weather, street lights, movement sensitive security lights, and alarms. There's probably a lot more I've forgotten. Smiley
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An open thought on disconnection

What about Father Christmas Wink tripping over the phone cable trying to put the kids prezzies under the tree on Christmas Eve. Took me ages to work that one out at a mates house - he was a bit worse for ware when he did it, after several genorous helpings of Mulled wine

Can't say where I plug equipment in would immediately come to mind as a cause for problems but it is worth knowing. Things like fridges / freezers, drills, flashing lights (al a xmas) I have known cause interference but they tend to be on different curcuits so should not effect things but I guess houses can be wired differently.


Peter Cool

Christmas tree lights?

How can they affect ADSL? I ask this because for the last few days my ADSL has been disconnecting every few minutes. are currently testing my line but the timing coincides EXACTLY with when we put up our christmas lights!

Any ideas?

An open thought on disconnection

Anything electrical gives of RF interferance, some electronics more than others.

This RF can affect the line or the hardware, causing these disconnects on ADSL.

Does it disconnect if you leave the lights 100% unplugged for 24 hours.

An open thought on disconnection

will give it a try thanks! :?

Further info

Just to explain the original posting a bit more.
The original question that I asked was about why the modem (Dynamode USB) would not connect when a second PC was powered up, even though the only connections to the second PC were the KVM plugs, and the answer given was that it must be PSU related i.e. the extra demand was somehow causing the power to the modem via the USB from the first PC to drop off.
The suggested remedy was a bigger PSU. However, the switching of the mains sockets trick seems to have had a similar effect and though I do not claim for a second to know for certain why it works, I assumed that the monitor CRT tube needs a fair chunk of the available juice and that it may be causing power fluctuations, especially when powering up and down in the energy saving mode.
I only tried it because I was too tight fisted to buy the new PSU.
I am due to put the Xmas treelights up this week, so who knows what may happen next. If you pass a streetlight and it plays that tinkly little Intel music....