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Am I on interleaving already?


Am I on interleaving already?

Hi just recently been put on adslmax and although my speed is varying as it would in the first ten days or so I am suprised to see that my connection is "interleaved" already!!

I live approx 250 mtrs from the exchange and on std 2mbs adsl my speed was always pretty good.

I got curious and looked at my router data and found this.

SNR margin: Rx 11 Tx 27 dB
Line attentuation Rx 4.8 and Tx4.5
Data Rate: Rx 7616 Tx 448
BUT both
Rx and Tx are INTERLEAVED!!!

Now does this mean my pings/gaming experiance is going to suffer..?

Am I on interleaving already?

I got BB in July and it was interleaved. I believe this has been the default since 1 August. I see no way of switching it off if I wanted to but if you look on Connection Settings on the portal you may have an icon to do it.