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Am I on Max DSL???


Am I on Max DSL???

Hi Guys,

Been reading the forums and I think I'm on Max DSL and I have all the signs, I was not asked about this is just happened.

My upload is 448kbps which is in line with Max DSL, my download is showing 1950 - 2020.

I have had a massive DB jump too, downstream is now 63db, upstream is 15.5db.

I'm now getting 420kbps download as oppossed to the 978 I was previoulsy getting.

I appreciate I'm a distance from the exchange but there is no reason for my download to suddenly half.

I have also found out that my download speeds are rapidly fluctating. say eveything is fine, I don't think so.
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Am I on Max DSL???

go here

it should be set a 1500Kbps on your line seems like its set at 500
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Am I on Max DSL???

Does that mean your downstream attenuation has changed? If so what from and do you know what your downstream SNR (or noise margin) is at the related synch rate?

It sounds like your BT line is being interfered with somehow