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Am I getting the best speed possible??


Am I getting the best speed possible??

Hi all

Thanks to BT connecting me to an exchange about 5 miles away (even though there is one less than a mile away!) These are the System Status figures from my D-Link 604 router. Am I way off getting even 1MB?? I am pretty new to delving into these figures so could someone please tell me what I should be looking at?? If this is the best I can do would everyone agree that a BB Premier account is wasted??

Thanks in Advance

Steve W

Connection Status Connected
Upstream Rate (Kbps) 288
Downstream Rate (Kbps) 576
US Margin 18
DS Margin 12
Modulation MMODE
LOS Errors 4
DS Line Attenuation 63
US Line Attenuation 63
Path Mode Fast Path

Am I getting the best speed possible??

Based on those figures, you are indeed getting the best possible speed out of your line.

It is slightly borderline for a 1Mb services, but the figures show it is more than likely be very unstable.

With regards to which exchange you are connected to. This will depend on the age of your property.

Moving you over to a different exchange may not be possible, without installing a new cable to route your line there.

It costs thousands of pounds for only a short distance of cabling, and unfortunatly, would likely be you that would foot the bill if you did want it moving.