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Am I being hacked?


Am I being hacked?

My router has been bombarding me with security logs over the last couple of days. Here is an example of the sort of info it's sending me:

Tue, 2004-04-27 19:00:44 - ICMP packet dropped - Source:
Time Exceeded,WAN -,LAN

Tue, 2004-04-27 20:19:56 - UDP packet dropped - Source:
,49606 ,WAN -,49606 ,LAN

Can anyone explain this or tell me what I can do about it?

Thanks in advance,


Am I Being Hacked - NO!'s other Plus.Net users who have virus' which are trying to connect to other IP addresses by changing the last octet of your IP address. As long as you're getting these notices, then it means ure PC is protected and ok. At last cound, I had approx. 300 per day coming through. Evil
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Am I being hacked?

Hi Jeff,

Those 2 IP addresses both belong to Energis, so it could be someone on Wanadoo that's probing your PC.

Re: Am I Being Hacked - NO!

As long as you're getting these notices, then it means ure PC is protected and ok.

Firstly, go to and run the "shields up" test to see if all your ports are stealthed, blocked or open. No ports, maybe 80, should be open. Best is stealthed if your router will allow it.
If the scans continue, do a rDNS on the IP address and get the username and ISP of the person causing the event. Then you can email the abuse department at their ISP's and complain.
However, both the IP's you mention appear to be going through proxies, so you will not be able to do this.

Am I being hacked?

You should be able to setup your router so that it will show as stealth on all tests at

Setup a DMZ server and re route all unwanted connection attempts to a non existant IP address....think thats how its done anyhow.