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Am I Sad or What?


Am I Sad or What?

Currently working on getting an old 486 PC with DOS 6.22 and WFWG 3.11 on Broadband.

ARGH!!! Why do I do this to myself?

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Am I Sad or What?

You obviously enjoy a challenge.


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Am I Sad or What?


One of these days I'm going to get round to connecting my Amiga up to broadband.
Been a while since I used Windows 3.11, did install it on a Pentium 3 a year or two back, installation took less than 5 minutes.

Am I Sad or What?

Hmm, could be a challenge, especially getting AV/firewall software to run on it too.

What could you do with it? will you be able to run the latest (or even recentish) browsers etc that can access modern sites?

Am I Sad or What?

The browser is a slightly out of date version of Opera, downloadable from the net, but WFWG doesn't support Winsock so that's a problem finding a current working version for old windows. I can find temp versions but won't pay for full one.

Anti virus... Ok but what sad git's still writing Win 3.x viruses? I suppose I should for completeness, I've got Dr Soloman's at work still in it's wrapper, but updates? there's a challenge!

Am I Sad or What?

I have to ask why?

Is this just a challenge or has building/working on new PCs become the realm of boredom for joo. Smiley


Am I Sad or What?

Maybe he has a MAC user wanting an upgrade? Cheesy

Am I Sad or What?

Could be both.

Am sick of the lousy performance of new PCs :shock: my old 486 was great... Grump grump grump.

Mac user? Wash your mouth out!!! I fix the bloomin' things for a living, I don't want to use them in my own time!

Honestly, it's just that I love a challenge, already got a p133 with win95 on BB for a customer (sad person that he is) - actually when I gave it a bit of RAM it was fairly good. :?
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Am I Sad or What?

Im currently using a machine built up from leftovers of other computers that I have upgraded. Nothing fancy just an old AT form factor board with an AMD K6, windows 98, and PC100 memory.
Plenty good enough for surfing when I cant get to my 2.4 gig XP machine because the kids are hogging it to play graphics intensive games Cry

Works a treat and if it gets virused then just a format C: and reinstall is all thats needed. Wink

Am I Sad or What?


You either have the patience of a saint or a heart like a lion.

I'd be very interested to hear of your progress.

Good luck.


I Made It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did finally make it !!!

Here I am posting to the plusnet forums with a 486 DX40 PC with 20MB Ram and a 200MB HDD (plus 5.25" FDD) on BROADBAND with a graphical browser (IE5.0 running in 16 bit mode) java and Javascript support under Windows for Workgroups 3.11

OK no AV or firewall, but who is going to be sad enough to attack this piece of junkHuh

OK it's really slow! I was better off with a dial up to be perfectly honest but as a Saddo that I am I just had to do this.

My only concession to modernity is that I pinched my wife's flat screen monitor to run this. OOPS - did I mention that I'm only running VGA mode? - piece of junk old VESA Trident video card has finally given up the ghost.

Ah well, I'd better go now she's going to expect me to talk to her now. I promised to only be a few mins about three hours ago Cry


Tim --- The Maestro of obsolete junk.

Am I Sad or What?

Nice one Cheesy