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Aluminium hassles

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Aluminium hassles

When ADSL speeds were recently upgraded for free my line was only upgraded to 1MB. Although the line-loss on my line was within 2MB limits, I found out (via a friend who is an engineer at my local exchange) that the reason for the limitation is that my line is aluminium all the way. He said that swapping my line to copper wasn't a major task but it couldn't be done without an order from someone.

This is where the fun starts. Plusnet have tried to place orders to have the line upgraded but they are always cancelled by BT because the line quality is inadequate. They even spoke to the BT Wholesale manager who suggested trying a couple of things on orders but this didn't work either. It seems that BT's systems automatically cancel the orders because of my aluminium line. BT Wholesale have said there's nothing that they can do to change the line to copper as a result of requests from Plusnet - it would have to be done as a result of a request from BT Retail. You can guess the rest... BT Retail say there's nothing they can do - the broadband customer for my line is Plusnet and the request must come from them.

Everyone I've spoken to has been very polite and helpful - but I'm getting nowhere. BT Retail say it's Plusnet's job to request the line upgrade but when Plusnet have placed orders they get automatically cancelled by BT. Plusnet (according to information from BT Wholesale) say it must be BT Retail who request the upgrade. What makes this so frustrating is knowing there are engineers who will happily do the work but systems that seem to have no way of getting the order to them.

Anyone else had similar problems? Anyone know of a way to get an aluminium line upgraded to copper?

I'm assuming that my aluminium line is going to be a limitation when future ADSL upgrades come along so I'd like to get it sorted out sooner rather than later.

Any advice appreciated.

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Aluminium hassles

BT are not obliged to change your line because you have a working ADSL service, albeit at 1Mbs. BT never guarantee 2Mbs or higher on any lines, so requesting a change may incure a large cost to yourself.

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