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Already with Plus buying a router

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Already with Plus buying a router

I have an internal ADSL modem.
I would like to ditch the modem and buy a router.
I would like some suggestions.
The Plusnet website seems to only offer routers with a sign up, not much help if you have already signed up!
I would like to connect a wireless acess point to the modem so that my son can conect from his laptop.
Help and advice please.

Already with Plus buying a router

Hi there

As someone who has had the REAL pleasure of installing + configuring ADSL Router - it CAN be a nice roller-coaster of a ride.

Type of ADSL Router to buy :-
1.All are very similar - some good , some bad. I installed NETGEAR DG834 wired version.

2.Installing the Router is EASY, follow the instructions.
BUT, do not delete dial-up connections for the modem !!!!! If you don't get it work first time, you can go back to modem. That's what happened to me.

3.Configuring ADSL Router - REAL intellectually demanding.... What do I mean ?

Do you have a network ? are you using say SQL 2000 database etc..i.e. applications based on server..

This I found very difficult - need to get to know alot about network protocols, ways of testing network etc... . See "Networking - cannot join domain - using ADSL Router" subject within this forum.

Already with Plus buying a router

Routers can be simple once you ahve mastered the network setup.
The Origo router seems to have a problem with online gaming and ports, otherwise look for built in firewall / NAT / NATP.
Netgear is OK, DLink can require some knowledge of DOS.

Already with Plus buying a router

Have used a Zoom X3 for a year now with no problems

This has firewall etc and is used in conjuction with a netgear switch/hub

Hope I haven't spoke to soon!
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Already with Plus buying a router

DLink can require some knowledge of DOS.

This is certainly not the case with the D-Link 504. Everything is set up using your browser and it is so easy to do.

Already with Plus buying a router

I would suggest opting for wireless 'g' , for a
bit of future proofing, its faster you'll get more
range and its backward compatible, your son will
thank you for it, whilst sitting in the garden
surfing on his laptop. Smiley
An 'all in one solution', combined modem/
router/wireless access point is Netgear's DG834G.
It has all the latest bells and whistles ,advanced firewall,
upgraded chipset, this would be ideal for a small network
like yours and easy to set up. Draytek and Linksys are also about to release similar products which you could look at.
You could opt for a wired router/modem such as
Netgears DG834 and add to this a wireless access
point WG602, this will give you a bit more flexibility in
positioning the WAP.
The third way is to use an ethernet modem and add
to it a combined wired/wireless router eg Netgears
DM602 plus a large choice of routers from the
same manufaturer, giving you a wider range to
choose from.
D-Link have a very good and well established
combination the 300G/614, modem and
router duo, look at the new 624.
Finally look at the X-modem with Buffalo air station
combination selling at ADSL Nation.
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Already with Plus buying a router

I am using a SMC Barricade 7404BRA. This is a four port modem/router with print server. I found it very easy to set up as the documentation was very clear to follow.

If you are looking for wireless connectivety as well then SMC do a wireless version of the above model - 7407WBRA. I suggest paying a visit to SMC's website for further information and a list of retailers.

Both these adsl modem/routers were recently reviewed in a batch test by PC Plus, who highly recommended both models.

Finally, since using the 7404BRA I have had no problems with my connection (previously I was using an USB modem).

Already with Plus buying a router

All the routers in this is post are good, however I would go for the Vigor 2600 (without ISDN). It's the total package and I've had mine since they launched it. Very stable and feature rich.

Just a thought...


Already with Plus buying a router

One thing to consider is the quality of the firewall. It seems that "keep state" ones are more secure and easier to configure than stateless ones. They keep track of your connections and guard against packages coming from IP addresses that you are not talking to.

I found a couple of reasonably cheap (under £100) Modem/Routers with Keep-State firewalls: Netgear DG834 and Draytek Vigor 2500. They are both aimed at the SOHO market and appear to have similar functionality. Unfortunately I don't know if the wireless version of the Vigor (2500We) is available in the UK yet.

Looking at users experiences (found on various web sites and news groups) it seemed that Netgear products had more of a mixed reception than Draytek ones. While many Netgear users were very pleased a few were unhappy with the DG384 and earlier products (e.g. see The Vigor 2500 is relatively new so it was difficult to find users experience of it. However it is based on the 2600 which had good reviews, described as reliable, and with very few bad experiences.

I can recommend the Vigor 2500, which I installed and am using it without any problems. My only reservation is that most of the documentation comes as PDF documents without any internal hyperlinks, which is primitive compared to today's hyperlinked inline help systems. I hope the wireless version is available in the UK if you are interested in it.

Already with Plus buying a router

Draytek appear to be releasing the 2600G in the UK,
shops are already taking pre - orders,
More details are here.
It looks a very good router, but whether its worth the extra premium over the Netgear and whether both are worth the extra
over the Linksys unit remains to be seen.