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All the recent problems. How to PN compare?


All the recent problems. How to PN compare?


I signed up with PN in the summer and it was terrible for the first month of so - all the blame being placed (by PN) at BTs door. Now we have yet more problems (no connection, connections with no data etc - error 718 / error 699 etc etc). It seems a week (sometimes even a day) cannot pass without some cock-up at PN.

Is this normal? Are other ADSL suppliers the same, are they all equally incapable of providing the service that their customers are paying for. How bad/good is Plusnet - what are your experiences of other servers offering ADSL.

The tech team at PN are always polite, but, and this is the big but, I am getting really really tired of having to contact them and reading the endless excuses posted by PN on this site.

'We are sorry, ADSL connectivity' issues ETC ETC...

How do they compare, is it time to look elsewhere?

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RE: All the recent problems. How to PN compare?

No this is the only one that ***** up all the time. One.Tel never disconnected me and I only left them because their stupid billing system began to ***** me off.