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All-in-one network solution

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All-in-one network solution


I'm looking to set up a simple network in my house (currently 2 pc's with the occasional laptop).

At the moment I have a Binatone USB ADSL modem.

What I am after is an all-in-one solution.

I have seen the Netgear DG834G and am quite interested in this (I'm looking at the faster wireless speed just to make it a bit more future proof).

Is the Box of tricks compatible with my PlusNet connection (I know nothing about netwrking so this may be a stupid question) and are there any other similar products I should be looking at?

I would add that the PC's are likely to be on different floors in the house (if that makes a difference) and I am keen on On-line gaming so whatever kit I get needs to be able to handle these.

Thanks in advance.
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All-in-one network solution

A good place to look for alternative ideas is ADSL Guide. They haven't tested all the very latest models, but you will get a good feel for who does what well.

If future proofing is your concern, you might like to consider having a separate wireless access point. You are likely to want to change this before there is any need to change the router itself.

Having said that, the Netgear DG834G should do your job. Is it actually available yet - Netgear still list it as "coming soon"?

Be prepared to do several firmware updates, given that you will be in right at the start of a new product.

If you are having to buy new wireless adapters for your PCs (almost certain to get the speeds you want), then I should stick to Netgear's own. I gather there have been some compatability problems trying to mix & match different makes.

All-in-one network solution

Is it actually available yet - Netgear still list it as "coming soon"?

The DG834G is available from Shop Internet.

Re: All-in-one network solution

I have a Netwear DG824M, 802.11b all-in-one, upstairs in the back bedroom with PC and an MA 111, 802.11b USB wireless adapter for my laptop. This is usually used in front lounge and roaming. This network works fine with my Plusnet connection and networked to my PC.

ADSL modem was quite easy to set up. I was looking for an all in one 802.11g but couldn't fine one available in time, there are a few coming on the market - Netgear, Draytek.