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Alcatel Speedtouch Mac drivers


Alcatel Speedtouch Mac drivers


I am having random disconnects in the evening (usually) or weekend. The problem has been getting worse recently, and is starting to annoy me. I am using a Mac (OS X 10.4.3), connecting via a Belkin router. My iMac is connected via hard ethernet, and my iBook connects wirelessly.

I am on a home lite 2 Mb contract. I have changed all of the cables, and swapped filters around. I have two sockets (upstairs, downstairs), and these are not the cause of the problem. For convenience, I am only using the upstairs socket (not master), with phone connected, so I only need one filter now.

As I implied above, I have tried changing everything except...

When I was with BT I used the frog. I hated it. I loathed it with a passion, but I still have it. In order to ensure that the Belkin router was not at fault, I thought I'd give it a try. OK, so my iMac crashed a few times (remember that? the speedtouch has its very own but I managed to install the drivers for OS X 10.4, but when I clicked on the connection window of diagnostics there was no information (e.g. connection using PPPoA) at all. Diagnostics recognised the modem was there, because it had three yellow squares, but the system preferences did not recognise a new port.

I tried to install the modem on OS9 on my iBook (hard wired this time, obviously). I never use OS9 these days; and I have never booted up my iMac with it. I managed a successful installation, and could even connect but could not view web pages. I wonder if this was because the modem setting (null modem 115400 or whatever it is called) is inappropriate for a 2Mb connection.

Can anyone help me get my USB speedtouch modem working on either of these computers so that I can eliminate the Belkin router from my list of possibilities, and then raise a ticket with PN?

Thanks for reading this far, and thanks in advance for your help.