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Alcatel 510 - Reconnecting


Alcatel 510 - Reconnecting


My Alcatel 510 v4 sometimes loses the DSL line when I am using the 'Phone. Once this has happened, I have to connect to the Alcatel and wait for it to find the line again, then re-connect manually. Is there any way of making it re-connect as soon as it finds the line again, cause its quite annoying.

I have got a filter on the Phone line, and the DSL line is wired directly into the master socket with some cat5 cable. I think it maybe the filter so I went to pc world to see if they had any decent ones but they only had the same as what I have already got (Same make but in a belkin bag).

In short,
1.How can I get my Alcatel to Reconnect automatically.

2.Can anyone recomend a decent microfilter for me to buy ?


RE: Alcatel 510 - Reconnecting

My 510v4 reconnects no problem.

Have you saved your username and password? If you open the web interface there is a 'Save All' link on the left hand side in the maroon part of the page. Clicking this will save the username & password to the router. You should have no trouble with it re-connecting.

I'm using an Alcatel filter. Out of three bought two were faulty, but the last one is going strong.

RE: Alcatel 510 - Reconnecting

Have clicked the save all button, and pulled the cable out and plugged it back in. Worked perfectly - Thanks.

I cant seem to get the 'phone to disconnect me by picking up and putting it down, which was giving me grief before - oh well - fingers crossed !!