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Advice needed ...

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Registered: 01-10-2007

Advice needed ...

Hello again everyone

I have recently (Since approx. Mid December) been having serious problems with my internet. My package is Broadband Plus, i am on a 2meg ADSL line. I used to average around 350kB/s downloading through my browser, i have lately been getting lows of 200b/s and highs of 5kB/s.

I have just run a speed test and despite being on a 2 meg line, i am currently averaging 65.10 kbps ... not much faster than dialup.

I am aware i have gone over my limit for this month (my apologies) but i would like to know if this is affecting speeds so much. Also, i have had a "WARNING" email about being reduced to 128kpbs til the end of the month .. i have not actually been reduced.

I have run the PN fault checker ... turns out my exchange's status is red. What exactly does this mean and what can i do about it?

Also, if i opt in for the 8 meg upgrade ... would this be likely to solve any problemsHuh

So ... the questions i'd like answered :

:arrow: does me going over my limit reduce my 2 meg line to dialup speed?
:arrow: what does it mean when the status of my exchange is red ... what can i do about it?
:arrow: if i upgrade ti 8 meg, will this solve any speed issues

Thankyou so much to anyone who can help Cheesy
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Advice needed ...

Downloading at 350kB/s suggests you've already had an 8 meg upgrade (probably onto a maxdsl line) as on a 2 meg line the most you'll normally see is 230 KBps. so that's that bit answered...

if you've had an email saying you've been reduced to 128 kbps then you probably have been, and the fact you're seeing such low speeds seems to confirm that. 65 kbps is a little low but it's not like the thing is totally exact. i used to get around 4 KBps from my 56k dialup, so double that for 128 seems about right.

dunno about the exchange thing, probably just that there's a lot of traffic going through the place at the moment. either way, there's nothing you'd be able to do about that. if it is causing any slow down then you'll just have to wait until someone else fixes it.