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Advice needed please


Advice needed please

First time poster on here so please be gentle!! I have recently moved into a new house which is a 1/4 of a mile away from my old one. I used Bulldog as my ISP previously but when I wanted to see if they could reconnect me here they said they couldn't so I went ISP hunting and saw that Plusnet was pretty much the best value for money. Through Bulldog I was getting a 1MB connection and the exchange was roughly 1/2 a mile away so imagine my surprise when I moved here and found out that my exchange is about 4 or 5 miles away!!! I signed up with Plusnet on their Premier Package with a max of a 2MB connection speed but I thought that I would get 1MB which would be fine - Unfortunately I am getting 576Kbps downstream (according to my router!) I feel like I have gone back in time 4years and running a steam powered modem! So the advice I would like is what should I do with my current subscription (I signed up for 12 months!) Would BT be able to change exchanges considering that I live nearer to the original one? Is it even worth asking the question?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am totally cheesed off!!!

Many thanks

Sad Sad Sad

Exchange move

Hi just took a quick look into this for you and I'm afraid it appears that you cannot move exchanges Sad

One way around this would be costly but effective, have a new line put in from a nearer exchange. You could use the following site to try and find a closer exchange...

I'm not certain that you can stipulate which exchange you are on, I imagen that this may depend on exchange capacities etc.

It may come down to how bad you want a fast connection.