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Advice needed on setting up a VPN using wireless router


Advice needed on setting up a VPN using wireless router

Hi, I am seeking a tutorial or some advice on how to go about linking two computers which are about 350 meters or just over 1000 feet apart (as the crow flies) in different offices. Ideally I would like to be able to share one internet connection as well as having remote access to files on each server. Any ideas welcome.

Many thanks, Isaac

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Advice needed on setting up a VPN using wireless router

Wireless 'g' quotes a distance of up to 1500ft
but it will depend on the obstacles in the path, eg. number
of solid walls and floors.You would also get a reduction in speed
the longer the distance.
A Router such as Draytek's 2600G
might be what your looking for, it has a wireless 'g' function as well as built in modem and VPN facillity. It's also usefull in that you
could order it with high gain antenna, which you will definitely need
in your situation, so that may be a good point to start your enquiries.
The link half way down the page gives more details of the Drayteks
VPN functions and provides further links to VPN tutorials.
If the offices are in the same building then it may help by
placing a wireless access point at a mid point, this could be operated wirelessly aswell if it had a 'repeater function'.
Alternatively an external antenna at both ends may provide better

wireless broadband solutions

Thanks for your reply Alec, I have contacted Draytek who have said that their products wouldn't work over more than 100 meters outside, and most people who've tried this have said that the only way to ensure connectivity is through fibre optic cable, which of course we dont have access to in our rural area.

So I think it's back to the old fashioned two adsl modems and a VPN network!

Do you know if I need ot buy routers as well as an ADSL modem to set up a VPN between two computers? I have read so many tutorials but none of them are written in layman's terms and, although I wouldn't call myself stupid, I still dont quite understand how to set the network up.

Thanks, Isaac

Advice needed on setting up a VPN using wireless router

Hi Isaac,
As I understand you're having two lines, one in each office
and you want to be able to access either computer from either
office aswell as from external clients.
A secure way to do this would be to use something like
Draytek's2600 (without wireless version) in each office.
It has the advantage of being a router therefore you can add
extra pc's to it if required and your pc(s) are hidden behind
a private LAN and the routers built in firewall.
It has a modem and VPN software already built into the router
so nothing extra to buy.
A good way to get to grips with the router is to download the user
manual and have a good look at the set up requirements.
The two routers will comunicate via VPN and
to access either office from an external pc, that pc will need
VPN client software installed, for example you could use
XP's pre installed VPN client facility. Example
A simpler and cheaper solution would be to use free server / client
software on your pc's such as RealVNC
but it's a less secure method and you still need 2 modems.

draytek 2600 router

Hi Alec, thanks for the info. You're almost right on the set up. actually there are two remote computers in an office 350 mtrs away (a desktop and a laptop) which need to access the files on the main computer in the main office. The main computer doesn't need to have access to the other two. Therefore do I need a router for each one, or can I just use one adsl router for the main computer to receive incoming connections?

Also, what's the difference between having a wireless or a wired router for this use?

Thanks, /isaac

Advice needed on setting up a VPN using wireless router

OK, you could have the VPN router in the main office
and you would be able to gain access to it from the other
two computers or in fact any computer with internet access.
However if you need to share the internet connection
in the 'remote' office with your two pc's then the best way to
do this is with a router, so you might end up with two routers
anyway, unless you already have a means to do so.
If you need a router for the second office then I would still opt
for a Draytek or something similar in quality for business use,
the fact that it has a VPN function rather than pass through, is a bonus.
Also have a look at the model 2500 it's a bit cheaper but
I think may be limited to 2 VPN tunnels.
You would connect your pc(s) to the router via (wired) ethernet the router has four ethernet ports.
You will need a network card to install in each pc or they already may have an ethernet port built in.
The only advantage of having a wireless facility in this case
is to get rid of the wires connecting your pc(s) to the router.
You can fit a wireless PCI card to a desktop pc and / or a wireless
cardbus / pmcia card to the laptop allowing you to roam around the office freely . The wireless version still has the four wired ports
should you wish a combination of both.

Advice needed on setting up a VPN using wireless router

many thanks, that's been really helpful. I've sourced a new draytek 2600we on ebay so not costing an arm & leg!

thanks, Isaac