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Ordered Broadband last Friday, and was initially told by Help Desk that it was due to be activated this Friday (today). Mid week the activation date moved to Tuesday 14th - next week.

I've received the modem today, if I connect it all will it work and if not, how can my account be activated early (well in accordance with the initial date quoted?)

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Activation refers to BT supplying ADSL on your line and it will be BT that has delayed your installation - actually it is probably not delayed as BT usually quote between 7 & 10 days to activate ADSL so both dates are still just within that time period.

If your ADSL is not yet activated, connecting up the modem will have no affect on when your plusnet acount is activated. Often BT will finish their work a day or so earlier so I suggest you try connecting on Monday and see what happens.



Many thanks for response. In actual fact, we got a telephone call from BT yesterday saying that they had done the BB work in the exchange and everything should be satisfactory - but on the order tracker on plusnet it is showing as still activating line.

So how do we know if the line is activated - is it just a case of plugging it all in and if it works it works?

Since we have all the kit and have had the phonecall from BT it would be nice to get it working!


Avticating line

I have been given a date for BT to "physically activate" my line for 2Meg ADSL do i have to pay for this?