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My exchange has an RFS date of DEC 9.

I am currently on a Connect Lite Account and want to upgrade to ADSL.
How soon or when can I apply to Plus Net for my activation. I would like to be activated on the 9th.

BT (yuk) have promised us that we will be online on the morning of 9 Dec if we sign up to them. Can Plus Net do the same?

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If BT can do it, so can any other ISP (using IPStream) ans they all have to go throgh BT Wholesale for ADSL orders. If any other ISP can't and BT did, they can be reported to ofcom for anti-competitive practices.

Just go through the upgrade process via the portal about 10 days before your RFS date then raise a contact us ticket stating your exchange is due to be active on 9th Dec and plusnet will try and submit your order.

Note, if you do it now, they will take your activation fee then hold on to it until they submit the order.

Activations normally take 10 days from order so requesting it 10 days before RFS should be all you need to do.

Note: RFS dates can also slip.


Thank you for that information.
Much appreciated.

I will do as you have suggested.