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Activation Date Disappeared!


Activation Date Disappeared!

According to my tracker, I'm due to have ADSL activated today after 12pm, but when I looked on the tracker this morning, this date had dissapeared. I'm assuming that everything is still going OK as there are no 'problem' icons on the page.

Could someone please confirm that this is normal and tell me whether I will be able to use my adsl this weekend? I'm new to ADSL, and am not really sure of the procedure Smiley.

Many thanks in advance Smiley

Activation Date Disappeared!

I believe the date disapearing is a small bug, and is being looked into.

As for activation, provisioning at PlusNet do not work weekends, on top, I was not aware BT worked on activations at weekends.

If your line has been activated today, your ADSL modem should sync to the exchange, in many cases, this is signified by one lite on the device no longer flashing.

This is by no means a sign that your activation was sucessful, and could still fail.

However, you can attempt connection to PlusNet any how. The username you need in your DSL equipment is your username, with on the end. By a rather rought guess this is

You use your normal PlusNet password.

Note, if PlusNet have not done the final activation bits, this will fail. However, you shouldn't worry.

Keep attempting this a few times, and systems at PlusNet should pick on this (however, it has been noted to be buggy as of late, though Ian Wild, the jack of all trades at PlusNet said he will look into this). Then after one hour, should have activated your account.

If it still fails after an hour, one sugestion of unplugging your DSL equipment from the telephone line for an hour has been made, which may help cure it.

Activation Date Disappeared!

BT Seem to work weekends! i was given a provisional date for yesterday Sat 27th Sep,

I got my confirmation mail saying my line is active today! sunday..

just waiting for my kit now!!!! Cheesy
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Activation Date Disappeared!

BT will sometimes work weekends, however this varies from exchange to exchange and also from department to department within BT and also depends on how much work backlog they have.


Activation Date Disappeared!

No luck with the activation as email from plusnet and my tracker is still where it was yesterday Sad. I'm hoping that I'll get an email tomorrow or something....I'm dying to use the broadband! Sad

Is there anyone out there who can check the status of my line or anything like that?

Thanks for any help Smiley

Activation date disappeared

Cheesy Same thing happened to me today.

I telephoned PlusNet who then confirmed that BT had carried out the work today after the 12pm time but not notified them.

PlusNet then activated the line from their end within 1 min. of telephone call.

Works fine.

10/10 for PlusNet
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Activation Date Disappeared!

Hi there, I had exactly the same problem with the date dissappearing.... dont worry! In my case anyway the line was actually activated by BT and a quick telephone call to techincal support (very good) and the line was activated. Modem arrived on the tuesday after (it was sunday) and all was fine :-)

Activation Date Disappeared!

Thanks for that, was just a bit worried as I haven't recieved any emails or anything confirming that the work has been completed by BT. I'll call PlusNet when I get in from work tonight and hopefully I should be up and running by this evening.

I'll try giving them a call and I'll let you know how I get on this space Smiley

Activation Date Disappeared!

I'm up and running!!! After a stressful evening configuring my router, I've got everything working Smiley

Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong Cheesy
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Activation Date Disappeared!

Congratulations. Welcome aboard


Activation Date Disappeared!

Ta Muchly Smiley

I got myself a bit stressed out, but I'm hoping that its all going to carry on working without any problems Smiley

Keep your fingers crossed for me Smiley