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Achhh!!! Im rippingmy hair out !!!


Achhh!!! Im rippingmy hair out !!!

For the last four months my connection has been painfully slow. I am downloading at speeds of 6Kb a second. I have raised several tickets, rung up at least twise and done countless BT speedtests. A few weeks into my problem a BT engineer was sent round. (note: no speedtest was done from 12-7am). He said my line was touching another line which would effect my connection. I thought "Great, finally it should be fixed". I was wrong. I was still downloading at sub-dialup speeds. So the problem was not fixed. I conducted more BT speedtests for more tickets but nothing would be done. Nothing will be done because PlusNet want me to conduct MORE BT Speedtests at 12-7am. I cannot conduct these tests at these rediculous times as I am asleep. But, when BT came round before, they did not require tests done at these rediculous times. Hmm, strange. So... 4 months later and im still downloading at sub-dialup speeds. Infact, im downloading a file right now! let me see... at 6.39Kb/second. Great! I feel such a valued customer Cheesy [....sarcasm....]

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BT Snails pace as usual, Ivan

Hello Chris,

Firstly I am NOT going to try defending the indefencable from BT. The problem we all commonly face is this, any internet user who is with an ISP other than BT Openworld or BT Yahoo will get second priority when it comes to internet & broadband problems like this. Sadly this even applies if like me you are a BT phone line customer (wrong phone customers gets you zero priority!!).

The problem is that NOT only are we second class citizens when it comes to BT related problems but even the Plusnet, Force9 & Free-Online ISP's are also treated as second class citizens.

**BT are a force unto themselves and speed & time & deadlines & quality of response are meaningless to them, frankly BT work outside of the known laws of gravity, relativity and the space time continum. i.e. snails pace, infact tree roots grow quicker than BT moves (and thats being polite!!).

**The BT beaurocrats have enforced a complicated testing process on ISP's such as Plusnet BEFORE they will even accept a problem might be their responsability.

**Frankly, a BT engineer coming out and telling you, oh! your line is touching another and that this might be a problem. Is utterly useless what matters is what he/she was "going to DO about it" is all that really matters.

**Even when a genuine problem is actually passed to BT and they accept it as theirs it can still take ages before they finally pull a finger out and fix it.

**I think you have to go back both to Plusnet support and keep nagging them and pushing them and also keep hassling BT if thats possible?. I would call the situation your in completely unacceptable.

**You could try your local trading standards office and see what they might advise you on. BT are NOT providing you will the required service that your paying for and are not telling you when they will return the service to normal. As a consumer you still have rights and one of those rights will impact upon BT who provide the internet infrastructure you require i.e. a working connnection for which you are paying and if its supposed to 1MB or 2MB then thats what you should be getting or within near enough aceptible limits.

sympathies to you,Ivan
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Achhh!!! Im rippingmy hair out !!!

Thank you very much for your great reply Cheesy