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Access number issues / questions.


Access number issues / questions.


I'm a new plusnet customer waiting for my connection (premier broadband) to be activated, im migrating from bt yahoo and I have a couple of questions regarding the access numbers.

My setup will be as follows :

internal pci adsl modem
software firewall

So as you can see, no router in place as I only use one pc in the house.

Basically, upon looking in my connection details on the plusnet portal, I see that the number I need to dial to connect to my premier adsl connection is "local rate" does this mean I will be charged by my telephony provider at local rate for the duration of the connection? I wouldn't be too happy if this is the case.

If i'm being a total idiot please feel free to tell me, as far as I know I do need to use a number to dial to to connect, because obviously im using a modem rather than one built into a router, so the connection won't be "always" on.

Thanks in advance

David Jones

Access number issues / questions.

The 0845 "local rate" number is not for broadband - it's a back-up number in case your ADSL is down and you need to temporarily use old-fashioned ordinary dial-up.

There is no telephone number as such for broadband - it doesn't use the ordinary telephone network. Modems vary (mine came with a CD that basically did everything automatically) so you may not need to enter anything at all, but if it wants you to put in a "telephone number" then stick in