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Abuse - Copyright infringement from MPA


Abuse - Copyright infringement from MPA

Hi just recieved an email this morning from Abuse plusnet, saying I was sharing a movie file, and to please desist from sharing it.

Thats fine and dandy and long time done.

Guess u cant even say mp3 or divx without the MPA/RIAA contacting u now adays Shockedops:

But I just wanted to know if anyone else got similar emails and also how Plusnet see the situation ?

I mean was it just a warning, what happens with the MPA/RIAA do they keep tracking u and checking ? Also has that law passed yet allowing RIAA/MPA from gaining access to your home details and information from your ISP?

Last thing I need to hear is Plusnet giving away my details to these cow boy companies.

Cheers in advance to any help Wink

Abuse - Copyright infringement from MPA

It'll be the P2P programme you are using thats giving away your IP address. Your IP address indicates your ISP and you. You are the second person today who has said this on the forum.
There are also fake P2P sharers who are Software/Music/Film publishers and who name a sharing file incorrectly on purpose, so you start to download it and they then have your IP address.
As you can complain about spam emails, software and music publishers can now complain about you, with a much stringer case in law.
To my knowledge there is no UK or European law on ISP's having to give users details. However, it may not be long coming.

Abuse - Copyright infringement from MPA

Yeap thought so, thx for reply I got a feeling laws are about to change though...