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ATM ELAN Connection


ATM ELAN Connection

I'm trying to setup Windows 2003 SBS using the DynaMite A360 USB modem.
Windows doesn't see this device as sa modem, but as a ATM.
I can create a dial up connection on the server as on W2KPro or XP workstations.
The installation creates an ATM ELAN connection but is unable to do anything useful with it, as it claims the device not connected to the network.
I can't configure a dial on demand connection using the device as it isn't a modem.
PPPoE is an option to configure, but I can't get a conenction using this and PPPoA doesn't seem to be on the MS agenda (thanks Redmond!).

If anyone has got PPPoE or ELAN working with this device, or can come up with a suitable bodge around to configure Windows I'd be most grateful

ATM ELAN Connection

I dont have this modem so I cant say whether this might help.

I have the Old Binatone ADSL500 modem, in driver setup there is an option to create a 'bridged' connection. With this, Windows (XP here) thinks that the modem is a LAN device so u can configure a PPPoE connection to it. However it actually seems to create a PPPoA connection. I have this setup on my system (Win XP SP1) and have no problems connecting.

The full option name is 'RFC 1483 IPoATM Bridged LLC Encapsulation'.

Like i said before, this option is in the Binatone Drivers, I don't know if it is in the A360 drivers

Hope this does help.