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ASDL test needs my modem switched on


ASDL test needs my modem switched on

I have received a message reponding my ticket says "Call back required". It says your support team needs me to have the equipment switched on. When do I need to do that? By the way, it takes two days that I received response to the ticket. So even I left my computer on all yesterday, nobody tested it.

Another thing might be off topic, but I'd like to ask. I have received another ticket:

Invoice No. ******* is invalid - this was an internal error. The customers account was NOT debited more than once. A manual refund has been allocated to clear the extra receipts

Ref: problem 13878

Ticket ID is 9073906. What have been done to my account?


ASDL test needs my modem switched on

For the second problem, it looks as if soemthing went wrong with the billing system and it invoiced you twice (though no funds where taken).

That messages stated how it was cleared up.

The ticketing system was never designed to be a customer facing system, but rather a method for support o make accountable notes against your username.

So while it now has the uses of facing the customer, the old notes that fly about ont he account can still be viewed. Many of them can be ignored.