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AR11 Router


AR11 Router

Help having problems setting up network with an AR11 Router anybody have the same router who can help

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AR11 Router

I don't have any personal experience of this router, but I know there are several variants of it (from different manufacturers) and, about a year or so back, it was the standard router supplied by the PlusNet companies (under the generic title of "Alcatel ADSL Router").

There was quite a long thread recently, IPs, Broadband and Apache, which dealt with setting up the AR11 router, although probably in a rather different configuration from the usual one, but it does refer to several places where you might be able to glean information. I suggest you read there, and follow the links which were posted then, which might prove useful.

It seems the original(?) manufacturer, Aceex, no longer produces this router, and despite having links on their website to drivers and manuals, these turn out to be "broken", so it does seem to be a case of having to glean information wherever you can.

Although the configuration screen look different, I believe configuration of the AR11 is very similar to the AMX-CA61E, for which someone has posted configuration screens here: . As I say, don't be put off too much by the different appearence of the screen, but find the equivalent functionality on your router, and use the other one as a guide.

Actually, a couple of the links from that thread are: and, the latter being the PlusNet (Force9) guide on installing the router. A good place to start!

Network with AR11

I have an AR11 and have it working on a network.

Have you got it working with one PC ?

What does your network consist of, what have you tried ?

A bit more detail would help.