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AR11 (PlusNET starter pack router) and PPTP VPN


AR11 (PlusNET starter pack router) and PPTP VPN

I'm trying to access a PPTP server from behind the starter pack router (AR11) with Windows XP Pro. The AR11's set up exactly as specified by PlusNET's instructions except it's been told to make the connection automatically instead of manually. Internet connectivity's fine and dandy. However...
When I try and create a vpn with my work network via a PPTP connection from Win XP Pro, I seem to get a connection (authenticated with my server and IP and routing tables assigned/adjusted) and then nothing. I can see packets going out over the link when I try and access the remote network (you know, the silly little flashy indicator in the system box) but nothing comes back. Nada. After 60 seconds, XP gets the hump and says that 'the connection has been broken, would I like to re-dial?'.
This is damned frustrating as I had 100% success rate when I used to do this via a modem dial-up to the internet via BT Internet. I went ADSL for the bandwidth with a view to occasionally homeworking (VPN via modem just couldn't cope) but this is puting the kybosh on it!
Have I just got ***** hardware? Does the AR11 just not cut the mustard? Has anyone managed this succesfully via any other router-based connection? Help!

RE: AR11 (PlusNET starter pack router) and PPTP VPN

Try setting the AR11 to DMZ through to the IP address your XP box gets then run a firewall like ZoneAlarm to protect the PC.

If it works then you may need to open/forward some more ports on the router.

Mike Holbrough