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AOL - Problems sending and receiving emails


AOL - Problems sending and receiving emails

Hi all,

I really hope that someone can help with this, cos it's sending me mad.

For a while now, various people have reported that they've sent me emails, but they never arrive, and the common factor seems to be that they are AOL customers.

Also when I try to send mail to these people, I get this message.

" Your mail to the following recipients could not be delivered because they are not accepting mail from

I seem to have read somewhere that AOL had problems with plusnet mail servers, if true, can someone please give more details, and is there a solution, or am I permanently blocked from sending / receiving emails from AOL accounts.

I use Outlook as my mail client, and all acounts are POP, is this the problem?.

Thanks in advance to whoever replys.

AOL - Problems sending and receiving emails

I have no problem with sending or receiving from AOL.

I have seen reports of individual customers being blocked by AOL, rather the ISP on-mass.

You can try contacting AOL, but you have my sympathy in doing so. I am sure they place the trainee CS agents on the phones for the network operations.

AOL - Problems sending and receiving emails

this happened before with another isp i was with, aol blocked big chunks of isp said it was spam.

another thing was if mail had web links it wouldnt get through

AOL - Email Problems

Thanks for the replys, I'll raise a ticket and start the long process from there I guess.