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AOL 12 Month Contract and MAC Codes

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AOL 12 Month Contract and MAC Codes


Ok, I have a aunt who has been with AOL Broadband for 1 month and thinks it is crap. I showed her plusnet and she wants to move to it but she is in a 12 month contract.

Now previously she was on AOL Dialup and they phoned her up, asked her if she wanted broadband as her area was about to be activated and she said yes. She did not get the Terms and Conditions to accept nor was she told about the 12 month contact on the phone. Is she entitled to a mac code to move to plusnet even tho they say she is on a 12 month contact?
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AOL 12 Month Contract and MAC Codes

No AOL will hold her to the 12 month contract which is legally binding
even though it was just a "yes" over the phone

her only option that i can see if she wants to leave is to pay off the remaining
months left on the contract if aol allow this ?
and as seen as she is only 1 month into its not going to be cheap

if anyone else can see a way out they may be able to let you know !

AOL 12 Month Contract and MAC Codes

Indeed. The 12 month contract is binding.

Having said that, she may be able to challenge it in writting, stateing she was never made aware properly of any some of these contractual changes.

This will however depend on the contract she was on under dialup. These can include terms that require the customer to go and read the changes themselves at certain locations, withing X time of agreement.

One such example is the PlusNet terms that you are required to monitor the postmaster email address you are given, for any important annoucements PlusNet send.

I also seem to remember when I was AOL (many years ago), they would force the contract changes into your face when you logged in after an account change. You usualy have to click agree to these.