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ADSL via Wireless network - Netgear


ADSL via Wireless network - Netgear

I am trying to upgrade my existing ADSL connection so that I can access the modem from two separate machines.

I currently have a Netgear DM602 modem connected to my laptop, via the ethernet connection, everything works correctly.

I have recently bought the Netgear WGR614 Wireless router so that I can connect a second machine in another part of the house.

I have managed to connect the router and modem to the laptop via ethernet cable and again all is well, access to internet no problem.

For the desktop machine I have purchased a Netgear MA111 - USB wireless card, which has been installed and connects to the router without problems, there is a good signal strength etc. I can also view/exchange files between the desktop and laptop using the wireless network.

However, I cannot access either the router interface (through IE 6.0), nor can I access the internet from the desktop.

I have upgraded all of the firmware and drivers from the Netgear site and reviewed their troubleshooting but there is nothing that helps in a situation where there appears to be a network formed, but the wireless machine will not access either the modem nor the internet.

I have even managed to connect the modem directly to the desktop by USB cable and connect to the internet.

I cannot connect the desktop directly to the router as it has no network card (one of the reasons I chose the wireless route).

I am completely confused, since the router responds to ping requests from the desktop via the wireless connection, but it will not allow access to the user interface from IE6.0 (Netgear's chosen means of accessing the router).

I hope that this is enough information for someone to suggest something I may have missed.



ADSL via Wireless network - Netgear

On the desktop machine what IP address is shown as the "Default Gateway"?
To which device does that address correspond?

Also, what is shown on the desktop machine under the DNS entries?

ADSL via Wireless network - Netgear

The Desktop shows:

IP address
DNS Server
Default Gateway

The Laptop shows:

IP address
DNS Server
Default Gateway

The Router Status shows

Internet port
IP Address
DNS Server

LAN Port
IP Address

The DCHP client is switched on and all IP addresses are assigned automatically.

ADSL via Wireless network - Netgear

Its a bit confusing how you have this setup but first thing is to setup the dns on each pc to point to +net dns servers at the moment the router is doing it and going round in circles.
The gateway should be the
pc with the modem in it. so it should lok somthing like this

The Desktop shows:

IP address Check the subnet is the same on all
DNS Server +net or
Default Gateway or could be the router IP depends how its wired up

The Laptop shows:

IP address
DNS Server +net or
Default Gateway

The Router Status shows

Internet port
IP Address
DNS Server +net or

LAN Port
IP Address

If this doesnt work do a tracert to and let us see its result.
The key is the default gateway tc/ip will try to go through that door to the net. so its either the laptop ip if the modem is connected to that or the router.

Have you setup WEP on the router or are you letting everyone share you internet? Be sure to setup WEP for athentifacation and data

ADSL via Wireless network - Netgear

As "mwright" says, we need to know a bit more about how your various devices are connected to each other.

I assume, following the instructions in the manual which came with the router, you have the DM602 connected to the "WAN" port on the WGR614, and the laptop connected to one of the 4 "LAN" ports on the WGR614. As you said, the desktop uses a wireless connection.

My understanding, from what you've said, is that with this configuration, you can access the laptop from the desktop machine (and vice versa), so your "local network" is working, and you can access the Internet from the laptop, but not from the desktop machine.

I take it you can also access the WGR614's web pages from the laptop? How about the DM602's webpages? Which IP addresses do you use in the laptop's browser to reach these pages? But you cannot reach either of these web pages from the desktop machine?

It would be interesting to see the TCP/IP configuration values for the laptop machine. I would expect the desktop machine to use similar values (though not identical in every respect -- the IP address will have to be different).

reply to mwright posting

Unfortunately, you are about to go beyond my ability in this area since I do not fully understand your posting. Taking it point at a time.

1. You say that "the gateway should be the PC with the modem in it."

The modem is external to both machines, it is connected physically by cable to the router, which is in turn connected by cable to the laptop and wirelessly to the desktop.

2. The subnets on both machines are the same

3. You indicate that the DNS Server should be "+net or"

Please excuse me if the answer is obvious but why that address, the laptop connects to the internet now with the DNS Server as shown in my earlier post. What is the address you have noted?

4. You say that if that doesn't work "to try tracert to microsoft", unfortunately I do not know what that is, or from where or with what I would do the "tracert", could you be a little more specific if it still seems relevant?

5. WEP - noted, but at the moment I'm not inclined to add in any further complications until I can get the desktop to access the internet without trouble


Reply to taskforce9

Connection is as you have stated (also see previous reply to mwright).

Also can agree your third paragraph about the local network.

I can access the browser page of the router through the laptop (my understanding is that if I cannot, then I would also be unable to access the internet). I cannot reach the browser page from the desktop going via the wireless connection (seemingly proving the point).

From my inital questions of Netgear they have told me that it is not possible to access the browser interface of the DM602 modem, when it is connected to the WGR614, as the modem ceases to act as a router and becomes merely a modem. This seems to be confirmed as my attempts to PING IP addresses outside of the 1, 2, or 3 range provides a timeout on the reply.

If I connect the modem directly to either machine, I can access the modem browser window and the internet, but this obviously circumvents the WGR614 router.

The TCPIP settings of both machines are identical with nothing "set" in the different fields, allowing all addresses/gateways etc etc to be configured by the router. I think that is part of the problem in that I do not know what is assigning the different values as it is outside of my knowledge, and something which I think mwright was alluding to with the DNS server information.

Hope that this helps clarify matters.


ADSL via Wireless network - Netgear

Regarding point 4:[list=1]
  • Click on "Start"

  • Click on "Run"

  • Type:
    in the box, and press the OK button.

  • This brings up a "Windows command prompt". Type:
    and press the return key.

  • When the trace competes, highlight all the output, and paste it into a message here. (You'll find "edit" facilties if you click on the little C:\ icon in the top left corner.)

  • Type:
    at the prompt to close the window.[/listShocked]
  • N/A


    I hope this is the output you mean't.

    From the desktop the message read "Unable to resolve target system name"

    This is from the laptop machine.

    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms
    2 18 ms 19 ms 17 ms []
    3 21 ms 20 ms 19 ms []
    4 22 ms 19 ms 20 ms []

    5 20 ms 21 ms 19 ms []

    6 21 ms 19 ms 23 ms []
    7 86 ms 85 ms 87 ms [
    8 91 ms 90 ms 92 ms []
    9 93 ms 92 ms 91 ms []

    10 93 ms 94 ms 95 ms []

    Trace complete.


    ADSL via Wireless network - Netgear

    I'm a bit confused by which device is using the IP address, whether it's the DM602 or the WGR614. Is the address you use (from the laptop) to access the WGR614 web page?

    Also, it's confusing that you seem to have two devices with network address -- The WAN interface of the WGR614 and the desktop PC.

    Here's an idea to try out:[list=1]
  • Shutdown the desktop PC.

  • While that's shutting down, bring up the WGR614's web pages, and go to the LAN IP Setup screen (from "Advanced" on the main menu).

  • Change the IP address from to (ie change the "0" to a "1").
    Similarly, under the "Use Router as a DHCP Server" heading, change the "0" to a "1" for both addresses, giving a Starting IP address of and an ending address of

  • Click the Apply button.

  • At this point, you'll almost certainly lose the connection. Shutdown the DM602, the WGR614 and the laptop..

  • Start up the DM602.

  • When it's fully started, start the WGR614.

  • When it's fully started, start the laptop and the desktop machines (it might be interesting to start the desktop machine first).[/listShocked]What are the network parameters -- IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS entries -- now being reported by each machine?
  • N/A

    ADSL via Wireless network - Netgear

    I've just connnected a Netgear WGT624 (very similar to WGR614) to my DM602 and had to jump through a few hoops.

    Although my problems were different, my story might help.

    I have a laptop connected to the router and the router connected to the modem. Initially this resulted in no reply from either router nor modem. Connecting the modem to the laptop gave a working internet connection.

    Which got me thinking: I'm trying to connect 2 routers and a router is supposed to connect different subnets. I.e. it connects your subnet 192.168.0.x to whatever Plusnet's subnet is.

    So, having 2 routers on the same subnet is not a good idea - they get confused. I therefore decided to change one of them (the WGT624) to use network address 192.168.1.n

    I've kept all the settings unchanged on the DM602 (except 1 - more later) and did the following on the WGT624:

    Change in lan ip settings:
    ip address:
    subnet mask:

    DHCP range:

    apply - router reboots

    In a Command window entered the following:
    should show as the ip address

    The above are the commands for NT 4. I believe Win98 uses a GUI (winipcfg)

    Then did a ping to to test

    connect browser to
    This should connect to the routers config page - you may need to close all browsers and re-open to get a clean connection.

    Then changed the following settings:

    basic settings:
    internet requires login: no
    use static ip address
    subnetmask :
    default gateway:
    DNS: automatic
    MAC address: default

    apply - be patient

    Then browse to dm602 config at:
    (may need to close and open browser)

    In DMZ:
    check "Default DMS server"

    The previous step "opens up" the DM602 - which is what you want, as the router is the better firewall anyway and 2 in this case is not better than 1.

    set password (but you've done this already rightWink- apply

    As I said I was having different problems and I haven't tested the wireless part yet, that's for tomorrow. It just seems that this is a more "proper" config for a 2 router setup.